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Infinity Services also takes care of your safety, in addition to all our services, we offer the most important service, insurance for your health, your vehicle, your home, your life and much more.

We also help you to make your trips safe, from the Dominican Republic to Europe or America with a travel insurance, this additional service we make available to you when travel to Europe and the United States you can use your insurance policy and return to the country we’ll refund, you just have to submit us the bills of Emergency expenses. You will receive all the information and conditions when you contact us.

Our affiliation is with the Sura insurance and with the Human insurance, With this service we want to tell our foreign customers to immediately step on Dominican soil health and safety Transport is already guaranteed because we are representative of the country’s most prestigious insurers that have a history and a package of clients that demonstrate our reliability, security, professionalism and full satisfaction of our customers.


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